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Master Machine & Tool began itís existence in 1964 by Joseph F. Nemechek Sr. as a tool and die shop. Originally located in Naples, Florida the company relocated to Mulberry, Florida in 1970 where it is still located today. During these early days the company retained itís focus on the machining operations but began to concentrate on designing, manufacturing, and producing the first EPS cup molding equipment in the world.

Currently Master Machine and Tool, LLC is owned by long time employee David L. Locke and partner M. Wayne Pennewell. The companyís long term success is the product of an outstanding group of employees who know and carry out their jobs with pride. Every member of the company strives to produce high quality workmanship. Beginning with engineering, to manufacturing to assembling, quality prevails and is noticeably present in every piece of equipment produced by Master Machine & Tool, LLC. All equipment that leaves our plant meets our stringent quality control and testing.

Today Master Machine & Tool is a world leader in the production of EPS Thin Wall Molding Equipment. We currently manufacture the fastest and most efficient equipment of this type in the world. In addition to our EPS Thin Wall Molding Equipment we manufacture supporting equipment consisting of conveyors/unscramblers, leak testers, and packaging equipment to a worldwide client base.

We invite you to visit our facility to discuss your needs and see first hand our capabilities. A quick tour of the plant will show you the type of highly skilled people we employ as well as the quality products we produce. If quality equipment produced by true craftsmen is what you are seeking, we are confident you will find it at Master Machine & Tool, LLC
Company Policy
At Master Machine & Tool, LLC, we are highly motivated to reach and maintain our goal: "To provide our customers the highest quality equipment with the highest quality service".
We sustain our goal by providing our customers the services that are required to complete a project from inception to completion. We offer in-house mechanical and electrical design and engineering, parts build and procurement, and final assembly and testing. Highly skilled machinists operating modern equipment aim at attaining the desired accuracy, while careful inspection for the correct tolerances adds further assurance that the proper standards have been met for every finished product delivered to a customer.

Our services do not stop after the equipment has left our facility. We offer comprehensive training on equipment manufactured by Master Machine & Tool, LLC both at our facility and yours. Installation and start-up assistance is also available. We stock many parts that are included in our equipment, ready to ship to you the same day if required. Any parts that are not stocked at our facility are prepared with top priority and shipped as soon as possible.

Our equipment is designed so that maintenance during the life of the machine is kept to a minimum. However, if for any reason our equipment becomes inoperable due to part failure, you can be assured we are available to give any assistance required to get you in production again.

It is our Company Policy to have complete Customer Satisfaction.
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David L. Locke
Managing Member
M. Wayne Pennewell
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