EPS Technology 2000
Molding machines:
The M10 molding machine was developed to decrease cycle time and increase efficiency while decreasing the floor area required. This machine has a footprint of 24" x 44" (61 cm x 112 cm). The use of larger valving and manifolds has increased the flow rate of steam and cooling water, compared to earlier models, to promote faster heating and cooling, without increasing the energy consumption per unit produced. These valves feature mechanical seals, which reduces the common problem of wet factory floors. They are also minimum maintenance, and easy maintenance, with the actuator/seat/seal assembly in one easy to change unit. Three position control switches (Auto, Off, Manual) are used, with two emergency stop pushbuttons and two-hand required, anti-defeat press closing. The machine control is PLC based, proximity switch activated. The timing functions are accessible through a panel-mounted keypad with LCD readout. This panel also provides cycle timing and cumulative cycle counting readouts.

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