EPS Technology 2000

The current design molds have large inlet and outlet connections, to make use of the high flow rates of the M10 molding machine. The steam/water channels in the molds have been designed to promote turbulent flow in order to maximize heat transfer. The inlet connection of the upper mold assembly has been relocated from earlier designs to prevent impingement on the #2 shell, which increases the life of that shell. The lower mold has been designed with a large steam injection area, to reduce the "cook" or steam injection time. The mounting shoes are of a piloted design, to reduce alignment problems when molds are disassembled for minor maintenance. All o-rings supplied with the molds and as replacement parts are of a high temperature material, for long life. All of the mold shells are manufactured from an alloy specifically developed by metallurgists for Master Machine & Tool Co. for our molds. The #2 shell can be supplied constructed of this alloy with a polished, heat treated electroless nickel finish, or polished #316 stainless steel.

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