EPS Technology 2000

Automation Equipment:
The model C series conveyor/unscrambler will automatically and continuously orient and convey foam cups from 1 to 4 (depending on customer requirements) molding machines to an airvey tube to an R4 inspector or directly to a P230 packaging machine. Antistatic devices remove static electricity and an automatic stop system minimizes product loss in the event of a jam at the entrance to the airvey tube inlet.

The model R4 series inspector will automatically and continuously vacuum leak test foam cups from 1 to 4 (depending on customer requirements and configuration) molding machines. The machine consists of a feeding unit indexed to a testing wheel with mandrels to suit a particular product and a takeoff unit utilizing a blower/venturi and clear plastic airvey tubing. Each cup, on a mandrel with a slight vacuum (2 Hg) must support a 2-1/2 lb. sliding weight for approximately 90 degrees of wheel rotation. Any cups that will leak liquid will also leak vacuum and will not support the weight and will be rejected. The R4 has a zero maintenance vacuum pump and a feeder with lightweight alloy parts to improve product flow and decrease maintenance.

The P230 packaging machine has been designed to take advantage of PLC controls and non-contact sensing devices. It will accept up to 4 stacker/counter assemblies, package 1,2 or 3 stacks per bag and operate at a rate of 30 stacks per minute. An optional type of stacker/counter allows the stack count to be changed at the panel mounted keypad with a few key strokes. We offer a wide variety of configurations to stack, count and package EPS, Paper or Thermoformed cups and containers. The PLC control can be monitored, reconfigured or adjusted either from the keypad or from a personal or laptop computer or networked with other packaging machines.

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